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Anticancer drugs



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Latest News: Save the dates for the III Anticancer Drugs Conference  (September 12-13, 2014. Buenos Aires, Argentina).  See  PICTURES  from the SPEAKERS that participated in the II Meeting.
Anticancer drugs

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Renowed international experts in key areas of anticancer drugs will give  lectures during the conference.


The final conference book is under preparation and it will be published online in an open access journal and  available as a PDF file.




Invited Speakers

(in alphabetical order)




Abstract title



Keynote Lecture



Professor Jacques Gilloteaux (UK)



"Cytotoxicity of Apatone in vitro and in vivo xenotransplants: urologic and ovarian tumors"


Oral Presentations

Dr. Christoph Alexiou (Germany)



"Nanomedicine - targeted cancer therapy with magnetic nanoparticles"



Dr. Mohamed Aly (Egypt)



"Penetration Enhanced Chalcones as Antioxidants, Antiobesity and Antiprostate"


Dr. Sabry M. Attia (Saudi Arabia)


"Mutagenicity of topoisomerase targeting anticancer agents"


Dr. Victor Cruz (Spain)



"Interaction between Trastuzumab and ErbB2 analyzed by molecular dynamics simulation"


Dr. Eliska Galova (Slovak Republic)


"The Two Faces of Hypericin"


Dr. Steffen Goletz



"Using GlycoExpress to produce glycooptimized antibodies for cancer treatment"


Dr. Nikolay Klassen (Russia)



"Sapphire capillary needles and scalpels for anticancer drug delivery, online diagnostics and surgery"


Dr. Toru Kondo (Japan)


"Investigation of miRNAs involved in gliomagenesis"


Dr. Herman Mansur (Brazil)



"Water-soluble Quantum Dot Bioconjugates for Cancer Detection and Treatment: A “Bright” Future Ahead"


Dr. Maurizio Memo (Italy) 


"Notch pathway as  new therapeutic target in Neuroblastoma"


Dr. Konstantin Meyl (Germany)


"About the communication of cancer cells"



Dr. Ken-ichiro Minato (Japan)


"Immunomodulatory and tumoricidal effects of grifola gargal, novel medicinal mushroom"


Dr. Eva Maria Molina-Trinidad (Mexico)





"The AuNPs and AuNPs-Lanreotide conjugate in the inhibition of proliferation MCF-7 and B16 cells in vitro for treatment in cancer"


Dr. Praseetha Prabhakaran



"Cisplatin induces differentiation of breast cancer cells"



Dr. Evgeny Puchkov (Russia)



"Live yeast cells as a model for locating intracellular targets of fluorescing anticancer drugs "


Dr. Malgorzata Rogalinska (Poland)


"Personalized medicine in chronic lymphocytic leukemia"



Dr. Henning M. Schramm (Switzerland)


"Are osteomimetic properties of cancer cells hoaxed or inherent cellular characteristics?"


Professor Bertha Schwartz




"A recombinant fungal compound Ostreolysin, induces anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects on colon cancer cells"


Rodney Smith /Lynda Thyer (UK)



"Role of Vitamin D Binding Protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) in the immunotherapy of cancer "


Dr. Daisuke Uemura (Japan)



"Marine Natural Products as Drug-leads"





Poster presentations



Dr. Saleha Yehya Alakilli (Saudi Arabia)



"Genetic polymorphism of five genes associated with growth traits in goat"


Dr. Eliska Galova (Slovak Republic)


"The pro-apoptotic effect of photoactivated hypericin in A549 cell line"


Dr. Yoshinori  Kawazoe (Japan)


"Chemotherapy for Cancer Stem Cells"



Dr. Chia-Hua Liang



"Ugonin K induces human skin cancer cells apoptosis by reactive oxygen species-mediated signal pathway"


Dr. Eva Maidokova

(Slovak Republic)


"Biomodulation of H2O2 genotoxicity by phytochemicals  from Armoratia rusticana"


Prof. Michele Navarra



"Anti-adhesive effect of bergamot juice: a novel drug against metastases? "

Dr.  Samar Omar Abdullah Rabah (Saudi Arabia)


"Acute Taxol Toxicity: the Effects on Bone Marrow Mitotic Index and the Histology of Mice Hepatocytes"


  Dr. Nora Mayte Villegas Balderas  (Mexico)


"New treatments for leukemia in Mexico"



Anticancer drugs

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