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Anticancer drugs


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Anticancer drugs

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SPEAKER: Dr. Malgorzata Rogalinska

Department of Cytobiochemistry

University of Lodz

Lodz. Poland







Academic career:

     1992-1998 University of Lodz

June 29, 1998 Qualification: MSc. in biology

Specialised in biochemistry - genetics

     1995-1996 Gateshead College, England

I have studied English at Advanced Level

     1998-2003 University of Lodz, PhD Studies, Department of Cytobiochemistry

      2001-2003 Research Assistant at Section of Medical Biochemistry, Department of

Cytobiochemistry, Institute of Biochemistry, University of Lodz

      October 19, 2003 The PhD dissertation “Lymphocyte nuclear proteins of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients”

     Since January1, 2004 Postdoctoral Researcher at Department of Cytobiochemistry,

Institute of Biochemistry, University of Lodz, 141/143 Pomorska Str., 90-236 Lodz, Poland

Tel. +48 42 6354489, fax +48 42 6354484


Current research interests:

Personalized therapy of chronic lymphocytic leukemia:

     Valuation of drug treatment efficacy of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patient’s before treatment by leukemic cells exposition to anticancer agent(s) used in hematooncology as anticancer drugs, i.e. purine analogs: cladribine (2-chloro-2-deoxyadenosine; 2-CdA; C), fludarabine (9-β-D-arabinosyl-2-fluoroadenine phosphate; F) in combination with alkylating agent – mafosfamide (active form of cyclophosphamide) (CM, FM), as well as CM combined with monoclonal antibody – rituximab (RCM).

     Ex vivo exposition of leukemic cells with potential new anticancer drugs; searching for new agents with anticancer potential


Teaching experience


     Lectures (Regulation of cell metabolism; Hormonal regulation of metabolism; Molecular basis of drug activities)

     Practical laboratory work (in Clinical Biochemistry and Cytobiochemisty) with students specialising in biochemistry, genetics, biophysics and microbiology.


Coauthor or author of 15 Publications: 11 orginal papers, 3 reviews, 1 book chapter and 40 posters presented on Conferences.


Professional Memberships

     Member of the Polish Biochemical Society

     Member of European Cell Death Organization


Honors and Awards

     Team award from Minister of Education and Sport (2005);

     Team award “Lodzkie Eureka” (2006);

     Team award from Minister of Health (2006).



Anticancer drugs

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