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Anticancer drugs


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Latest News: Save the dates for the III Anticancer Drugs Conference  (September 12-13, 2014. Buenos Aires, Argentina).  See  PICTURES  from the SPEAKERS that participated in the II Meeting.
Anticancer drugs

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SPEAKER: Dr.  Eva Maria Molina-Trinidad


Biopharmaceutics Department, Building E. Division of Graduate Studies in Chemistry Faculty in UNAM


Member of Investigation National System (SNI) in México





Research Interest

Drug development and identification and determination of plasma catecholamine concentrations by HPLC.

- “Nanocomposites preparation based on metal and metal oxide semiconductor materials with potential applications in biomedicine: study of magnetic and optical properties”. -

-  “Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic of gold nanoparticles and the conjugate Au-LAN in rats”.


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C. Murphy Arteaga, G. Ferro-Flores, O. Villanueva-Sanchez, E. Murphy-Stack, M. Pedraza-Lopez, L. Meléndez-Alafort, E. Molina-Trinidad. 99mTc-glucarate for detection of isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarction in rats. Intern. J. Pharmaceutics, 233 (2002) 29-31.

E.M. Molina-Trinidad, C. Murphy Arteaga, H. Jung-Cook. Quality control of a detector for the Calculations of radiopharmacokinetic parameters of 99mTc-glucarate in rats. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Vol 260, No. 3 (2004) 477-480.

Eva M. Molina-Trinidad, Consuelo Arteaga Murphy, Guillermina Ferro-Flores, Eduardo Murphy-Stack, Helgi Jung-Cook. Dosimetric Parameters of Radiopharmacokinetic and 188Re-lanreotide in athymic mice with tumor induced Human Cancer. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 310 (2006) 125-130.

José Juan Escobar-Chávez, Dalia Bonilla.Martínez, Martha Angelica Villegas-Gonzalez, Eva Molina-Trinidad, Norma Casas-Alancaster, Alma Luisa Revilla-Vázquez.
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Eva M. Trinidad Molina, Consuelo Arteaga Murphy, Helgi Jung-Cook Eduardo Murphy-Stack, Martha Pedraza-López, José Luis Morales-Marquez Vertiz Guadalupe Serrano.
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Osvaldo Estevez, Eva Molina-Trinidad, P. Santiago-Jacinto, L. Rendon, Edilso
Gold nanoparticles conjugated to Benzoylmercaptoacetyltriglicine methylester and L-Cysteine. Colloid and Interface Journal of Science. 350 (2010) 161-167. 

E.M. Molina-Trinidad, O. Hernández Estévez, Luis Rendon, Garibay-Febles Vicente, E. Reguera Ruiz.
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E.M. Molina-Trinidad, Liliana Ochoa Arredondo, Erik Mendoza Oaxaca, José Juan Escobar Chávez, Carlos Hoyo Vadillo. Development of analytical method for Quantify spectrofotometric method GNPs-lanreotide in vitro. Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. 2011

Molina Trinidad EM. Chapter “Disease and Therapy: A Role for oxidants” the book: Oxidative Stress and Chronic degenerative Diseases – a Role for Antioxidants. INTECH, 2012.

Molina Trinidad EM. Chapter “Dose of drugs in diabetic patients” the book: Diabetes. Autonomous University Hidalgo State (UAEH), México.

Molina Trinidad EM and et al. Characterization of AuNPs and AuNPs-LAN-PEG conjugate and inhibition of proliferation in MCF-7 and B16 cells in vitro. In process of review, 2013.






Anticancer drugs

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