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Anticancer drugs


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Latest News: Save the dates for the III Anticancer Drugs Conference  (September 12-13, 2014. Buenos Aires, Argentina).  See  PICTURES  from the SPEAKERS that participated in the II Meeting.
Anticancer drugs

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SPEAKER: Dr. Toru Kondo

Division of Stem Cell Biology
Institute for Genetic Medicine
Hokkaido University
Kita-15, Nishi-7, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-0815





1994                 Ph.D. Osaka University, Graduate school of Medicine, Japan

                         (Supervisor: Prof. Yoshio Okada)

1994-1998        Research Fellow, Osaka Bioscience Institute, Japan

                         (Supervisor: Prof. Shigekazu Nagata)

1998-2001        Research Fellow, MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biolo

                         University College London, UK (Supervisor: Prof. Martin C. Raff)

2001-2002        Associate Professor, Department of Cell fate modulation, Institute of

                         Molecular Embryology and Genetics, Kumamoto University, Japan

2002–2005       Group Leader, Centre for Brain Repair, University of Cambridge, UK

2003–2005       Fellow, Clare Hall College, University of Cambridge, UK (2005-

                         present: Life member of the college)

2005-2010       Team Leader, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB), Japan

2009-2012       Professor, Ehime University Proteo-Medicine Research Center, Japan

2010-present   Senior visiting scientist, RIKEN CDB & Theme leader, RIKEN Program

                        for Drug Discovery and Medical Technology Platform, Japan

2012-present   Professor, Institute for Genetic Medicine, Hokkaido University, Japan


Editorial board member: Stem Cells, World Journal of Stem Cells, American Journal of Translational Research, American Journal of Cancer Research, Drugs and Therapy Studies, Neuro-Oncology, Cancer stem cells



Anticancer drugs

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